Empirico's Complete Ultimate Water Treatment System Bundle

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By combining our Ultimate Water Processor with our MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis unit, you can rest assured that ALL of your water is clean and healthy--and enjoy even more savings.  Please click on the links, to get complete information on each of the two (2) units that make up our ULTIMATE WATER TREATMENT SYSTEM.  You'll see why we call it that.

Click here:  Ultimate Water Processor

Click here:   MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis unit

We've built the best possible system for your home; it's our smallest commercial unit.  These are exactly what every person here at Empirico Water Systems has in their own homes; it's a perk that shows this company's deep commitment to help anyone who wants clean water; to have clean water.

Originally designed for 4-unit motels and apartments; our system can handle your water, no matter how bad it gets, wherever you live.  We wouldn't put anything smaller in your home because we want you to enjoy the benefits of good; clean water every day for the rest of your life! The only thing worse than not having a water treatment system at all; is buying one that is too small to do the job for you.

We have to assume that you already know the quality of municipal water is declining rapidly in virtually every city and town in our country, or you wouldn't be here.  But, rest assured you've come to the right place  We solve water problems. 

More and more city water is being strained from whatever goes down people's drains, for re-use.  Sure, they strain it, and add Chlorine, and Fluoride and other chemicals; then; it's off to someone else' faucets.  We call it the 'Flush-to-Faucet' cycle.  That's why we believe it's always better to have more capacity than you need, and why the Boss' motto is: "Better overkill; than underkill". 

If you want your family to enjoy the water coming out of every tap in your home, we will help you do that.  You are going to wonder how you ever lived without it!  And, if you move--you will want to take it with you, there is virtually no water in the country that is not at risk.

To learn more about each particular component of this 2-component system; please see the individual descriptions of the 2 components of this incredible system here:

The Ultimate Water Processor,

and the MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis unit.

***Remember; For a limited time, Empirico will pay the tax--AND your shipping costs (*U.S. Deliveries ONLY) to make your decision to add this excellent system to your shopping cart an easy one. We're the water experts, so, be sure to check out our other great water products!  Read the Empirico Water Systems Story here.