Empirico's MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis Unit

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One sip and you’re hooked.

There is nothing more refreshing than a sip of good clean water.  Most folks already know this, and when all is said and done, they find that only Reverse Osmosis can clean their water.

But, consumers do have to be careful, all reverse osmosis units are not the same!  Don't be fooled by look-a-likes.   Our unique system is the same one we use in commercial applications where absolutely clean water is necessary, so you know it's not just-for-show.

MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis unit

Replacing other reverse osmosis systems accounts for 60% of our sales, because when low-grade materials are combined with 'street level' membranes, and poor quality city water; it's the consumer that gets fooled into thinking they have clean water to drink. We call it, ‘Psychological water treatment’, because its all in their head(s).  When they've had enough; that's when they come to us!

Our membranes will produce 30+ gallons of pure water, per 24-hour period. What is interesting to note, is that our membranes last 2ce, to 3 times as long as the regular residential Reverse Osmosis membranes

Regular softener companies want you to pay them an industry average of $189.00 (*We think; that's too much)  every 6 months to 1 year, just to come out to your home to do what you can do in a matter of minutes!  That's some serious money over a period of time.

As it turns out, the 'cheap' systems cost Consumers a LOT more to try to make them work, than the most expensive Reverse Osmosis unit on the market.  What is really tragic, is that they are also getting inferior, 'utility-grade' water.  Just a small step up from the raw, city water.   

At the same time, we have to mention that by pre-treating your water with our whole-house Ultimate water Processor (Click here to learn about our Ultimate Water Processor), your filters will last even longer; and you’ll experience more real money savings on all of your cleaning; washing; dish-washing; bathing soaps and shampoos; cleaners; and lotions. 

If you'd like to know more about cleaning ALL of the water in your home, you'll want to check out our money-saving bundle, here:

  Empirico's Complete Ultimate Water Treatment bundle.  (*Click on the link)

Our MicroCleanV reverse osmosis unit will serve your drinking, cooking and cleaning needs, reliably, for the rest of your life--and you'll have peace of mind knowing that you own the very best unit on the market--and at Factory Direct pricing!

Be aware: Once you've been spoiled by clean water; you'll never want to go back to city water, or the unregulated; and often worse; bottled water.  Our MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis unit will produce up to 30 gallons of pure clean water a day--more than enough for all your family's cooking, cleaning and drinking needs!

MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis units, Nicole

Here are just a few of the benefits, and you will discover there are a lot more!

  • 5 Stages of filtration; to make sure your water is cleaned.
  • The MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis unit is our most popular system for good reason--it cleans your water, and protects you against 'surprise' contamination notices and news.
  • Up to 30 gallons of great tasting water a day, plenty for the whole family.
  • Our 3.2 gallon tank included (other sizes available), so you’ll have plenty of clean water on tap, anytime.
  • It comes with a classic, ball-valve faucet that will enhance your sink’s appearance.
  • All installation hardware included.
  • All components are NSF certified and approved.
  • Simple, easy installation, so anyone can do it.
  • Made in the USA,  because it still means, ‘quality’, at Empirico Water systems!

We are dead set against getting too technical for our customers; but, since our concern is what comes out of your MicroCleanV unit, we want you to know what this system takes out of your water:

How Does it do all that?:

The MicroCleanV is a five-stage, under-sink Reverse Osmosis unit. It uses three drop-in cartridge pre-filters; our Reverse Osmosis membrane; and an inline post-filter, to purify your drinking water.  This makes it very easy to change the filters, and insures the quality of your drinking water.

STAGES and Filter Replacement Schedule:

  • STAGE 1 – Sediment Pre-Filter – Removes large particulate from your drinking water-- Replace Every 12 Months
  • STAGE 2 – Carbon Block Pre-Filter –Removes smaller particles, tastes and smells from your drinking water-- Replace Every 12 Months
  • STAGE 3 – Carbon Block Pre-Filter – Same as Stage 2; just making sure we got it all--Replace Every 12 Months
  • STAGE 4 – Our Reverse Osmosis Membrane 30 GPD –This is where the magic happens.  Our membrane removes the teeny tiny particulate; the most dangerous kind; by ‘scraping’ the water molecules-- Replace Every 24-60 Months
  • STAGE 5 – Granule Activated Carbon (*GAC) Post-Filter to be absolutely sure your water tastes great – Replace Every 12 Months
  • STAGE 5A--(*for Akaline unit only) Alkaline remineralization Post-Filter—Replace every 24 months

We’ve had customers ask, “Why do we have to change filters?”  The reason is that for us to produce quality water for you; we have to physically remove all kinds of stuff from the water.  Even though the particulate is on a sub-micron level, it builds up in the filters, or, in the case of the carbon filters; they become saturated with the nasty stuff that smells up your city water; so, they have a defined useful life.

Don’t worry though, Empirico Water Systems has your back with our new Subscription Filter-Change Kit.  (*Click on the link for more information)

Changing your filters yourself usually only takes a few minutes, and saves you over 75% in service call charges.  We’ll send you what you need every year (*the filters, and the special tool to make it even easier), automatically, if you enroll in our subscription service (*$99.00/year).

All Empirico MicroCleanV units are built to order using only the highest quality components on the market, and they are built in the USA.  Every unit is tested for water quality and structural integrity before it leaves our facilities.  We don’t use inferior materials, and unlike most other companies, we test our units for quality; because our reputation is on the line with each unit shipped to our customers.

Empirico’s MicroCleanV units produce plenty of great-tasting, clean water; eliminating the need to keep buying expensive bottled water.  This means your MicroCleanV unit will pay for itself in a short amount of time; but it will serve you for the rest of your life.

With over 500,000 of them sold; our MicroCleanV unit is YOUR BEST choice.

A little more information you need to know.

The MicroCleanV unit is usually mounted under the kitchen sink, and comes with all the installation hardware and tubing necessary.  A separate '3rd' faucet (included, Click here to see images) mounts beside your regular sink faucet, and delivers the finest quality water on the planet.  It can also be 'tee-d' to run another line to your refrigerator, for the freshest, clearest ice you can get.

Installation is a snap because MicroCleanV units are designed to make it simple.  The units come with installation instructions; and our Customer Service Department will be there for you if you have any questions—over the telephone; so you’ll get real-time answers from the water experts. We'll also have customer installation videos showing you how our systems can be installed in no time, with just regular household tools.  If you don’t want to install your MicroCleanV unit yourself, we’ll help you find a local handy man/woman who will install it for a nominal fee.  Whatever you choose; we’ll be with you every step of the way.   

***Remember; For a limited time, Empirico will pay the tax--AND your shipping costs* (*for U.S. deliveries only) to make your decision to add this excellent product to your shopping cart an easy one. We're the water treatment experts; but be sure to also check out our great water products from around the World, in our Global Emporium!