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 The last thing you should have to worry about is your family's water.

Looking to clean up your family's water?  You've come to the right place.  Here at Empirico Water Systems; we're not 'Internet people'; we're water people, and we're doing this site ourselves (*although we will eventually have to turn it over to pro's).  Please let us know what we're doing 'right', or ...otherwise.

If you have any questions as to why it is always a good idea to clean your home water; just check out some of the instances where our Ultimate Water Processor (*and MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis unit) makes all the difference, on our "WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT TO TREAT YOUR OWN WATER?" page (*Click on the link).  We're just going to keep adding articles and papers, because there are so many old ones they drown out the new ones.  It's on our menu, on your left. 

That said, let me tell you about our Ultimate Water Processor; and why we're so proud to say it is the 'end-all' in home water treatment.  Here are some of the details you are sure to love;


  • The Ultimate Water Processor cleans all the water in your home, so no matter which faucet or shower you use; you’re getting clean, processed water.
  • It requires minimal maintenance.  All you need to do: Just set the clock periodically (*only if the power goes out at your home); add salt or potassium; and that’s it.
  • Easy installation. With 40 years of experience, we’ve developed an innovative installation technique that doesn’t require soldering, and can take just a few minutes to a couple of hours.
  • Reliable components. Some of our systems have been serving their happy owners for over 40 years—that tells our story.
  • The Ultimate Water Processor stands nearly 5 feet tall, and is only 13 inches wide; but it does the work of 5 to 6 units all lined up in your garage.
  • It’s an attractive elegantly-designed system that looks as solid and substantial as it is.  The stainless steel outer tank tells you its quality all the way.
  • It works; giving you soft, clean water to protect your plumbing and appliances, and make your dishes, and your appliances sparkle. At the same time, everything you clean, will be brighter; and your bathing will be a luxurious experience.
  • Made in the USA, by a quality-conscious company that enjoys its reputation as ‘the best’ system made, anywhere in the World.

In 1980 Empirico scoured the globe to find the very BEST; and most reliable water treatment system available.  Surprisingly, we discovered that ‘the best’, hadn’t been built yet...so; we built it ourselves. 

Until recently, our focus was on our commercial customers’ needs, but with the surge in requests for our smallest commercial unit (*originally designed for 4-unit motels and apartments) that people want to put in their homes; we opened our new online store directly to our residential customers.  We knew that by building our systems on demand, and cutting our installation, storage, and sales commission costs; we could offer our systems for the price of a cheap water softener.  We skipped on the extraneous costs that consumers have to pay to have clean water; but we didn't even consider skimping on our product quality. Our company motto is: “Anyone who wants clean water, can have clean water”.   

We have to assume that if you have come to our new web site; you already knew about our systems; and about the declining quality and safety of municipal water supplies, and private wells (*The aquifers themselves are the problem).  More and more people are now using and reusing the same limited water supplies.  It's to where the municipalities just can't keep up with the hundreds of toxic chemicals; from pesticides to hormones, that show up all over the country. 

The Health Departments try, but they can only test for a handful of contaminants, so, it’s up to ‘us’, individually, to be responsible for fully cleaning our own water.

Even if a municipality 'could' clean or purify an enormous amount of water in a central plant somewhere (*they can't); it wouldn't make sense to run clean water through pipes and water mains that are lined with the build-up of what we need to take out.  That would just re-contaminate the water.  

The ONLY answer is what is called a Point-of-Use solution; to clean the water in small, manageable amounts, in our homes; where it is going to be used.

We designed our systems; for 'us'; for 'our' homes, and our families—so you know you’re getting the BEST!  That's why we build our residential units to always be ahead of the disasters, and  we designed them to be the last water treatment system you will ever need.

Most folks don’t really understand water treatment; so sales people in the water treatment industry actively try to confuse potential buyers with all kinds of meaningless technical jargon. For us, here at Empirico Water Systems, the only thing that matters is the quality of the water that comes out of your faucets. 

We will apologize in advance for getting a little wonky, but we’re going to give you some relevant information;  a few of the technical specifications;  and features that might not be so obvious to the unfamiliar eye.

Little residential softeners and filters have a useful life expectancy of only 3-5 years, and seldom live up to customer expectations.  That's experience talking.

Our single processing unit does the work of at least 4 different units; but as many as 6 different units, and they are all encased in a single elegant, stainless steel outer shell. The 3-layer tank is built to last; it starts with a blow-molded plastic inner tank; then strengthened by a strong multi-fiberglass wound center tank; then finished by a high-gloss insulated outer tank.  The tank is then protected by an attractive stainless steel outer shell.

The Head, or the brains of the operation:

The Fleck 5600 is the best head and valve made; and decades of use have proven its durability and reliability.  Ours is the only major system available with a mechanical head, because we aren’t trying to sell people shiny objects.  The electronic heads have proven to be ‘pretty’; but they have also proven to not be reliable, or durable.  The circuit boards are expensive to replace, and come with a short; or no warranty at all.  

We utilize a single, 24 volt motor to put the system through its regeneration, and to keep time.  When it needs to be cleaned, it is factory-set to ‘clean’ (regenerate) itself at 2 AM.  This is so it regenerates only after everyone is done using water for the night, and only after it has reached its regeneration threshold.

We thought it out when we put this together; even though a need for service has proven to be very rare (less than 1%, other than regular filter changes); our team wanted to insure that fixing any part of our system would be a 10-minute job for a Handy man/woman; 5 minutes for a professional plumber.  Okay, that's how fast 'we' can do it.  And, if you should be one of the 1%ers; just give us a call, and we'll be there to walk you through whatever the case may be.

*The Injector/drain modules for the brine valve; flow controls; and injector, are removable from the valve’s exterior making it very easy to service, if it’s ever necessary.

* Our Ruggedly-built timer is designed with heavy-duty 3/8″ wide gears; so they last, and they get a firm grip.

* The valve body is a non-corrosive, UV-resistant, fiber-reinforced polymer; nothing hurts it, and it can't rust or corrode.

* Its Economical; Tiny power consumption (*24v); to keep time and activate the piston/valve.

* Designed for thorough backwash capabilities; it cleans itself, but only when it needs it.

* Low water use; as little as 29 gal./regeneration.  Little softeners can use 100 gallons, or more.

* Built-in usage Meter measures your usage; to automatically clean itself on time, every time.  Demand-initiated regeneration saves you money on salt and water because the Ultimate Water Processor only regenerates (*cleans itself) when needed; based on your family’s actual water usage.

*  An external by-pass valve is also included for ease of service.  And there’s no need to worry about power outages because the mechanical system maintains your program settings.   

* The flow-through valve meets NSF/ANSI 44 requirements, for unrestricted flow.

* The brine safety valve incorporates built-in safeguards to prevent brine tank overflow.

* Our Commercial-grade resins are designed to withstand high chlorine levels. 

* The sophisticated mechanical ‘head’ on our systems is easily programmed to match your family’s specific water needs. 

*The Ultimate Water Processor is easy and versatile. It is built to handle even the worst water in the United States 


The Ultimate Water Processor doesn't 'just' soften your water:

  • It's a 56,000 grain water softener, that's true (*Residential units are usually 1/2 that), to remove the large particulate from your water.
  • It's a refiner; a perfect taste and odor filter; for great-tasting water 
  • It's a clarifier; to remove the tinier particulates, for crystal clear water.
  • It's an acid neutralizer filter (*ordinary softeners turn alkaline water into acid water; from a scalant, to an acid)

What really matters is what clean water will do for you and your family.  Here’s what you really get with clean water: 

*Clothes that are brighter and last longer;

*Your skin is soft from natural skin oils no longer trapped in your pores by hard water.

*Soft, radiant hair.  Without the film left by hard water, your hair can shine.

*Sparkling dishes without streaks or water spots.

*Actual money savings from having to use ½ (*or less) of the detergents, soaps, cleaning products and fabric softeners you use now.

*Water heater savings can be substantial when you have to replace them because of the buildup of scale from the hard water; and, it is easier to heat up clean water.  According to the study by New Mexico State University, clean water saves 22% of the cost of heating your water.

*Your plumbing and appliances will last longer, and cleaning water spots from the shower or other water fixtures will be almost effortless.

*And best of all; you will have the peace of mind of knowing your family has clean, safe water.

Empirico Water Systems units are built-to-order, and we use only the highest-quality components on the market.  They are built in the USA, and EVERY SYSTEM is tested for water quality and structural integrity before it leaves our manufacturing facilities.  Do not make the mistake of trying to save a few dollars on cheap systems that use inferior materials and are not individually tested for quality. 

We're obviously not the best website people, but we are the water treatment experts; so, be sure to check out our other great water products! We want to welcome you to our family of fine, satisfied customers. 

 ***BONUS***, In order to make your decision to add this excellent product to your shopping cart an easy one; For a (*VERY) limited time, Empirico will pay the tax—AND shipping costs (*for US deliveries only).  Don’t wait; order your ultimate Water Processor TODAY!

(**Please forgive the graphics, we're not web designers, we're water people.  We don't know what we did in copying them to the site, but we'll fix them.)

From our FAQ Page:

Q: Why do you call it the Ultimate Water “Processor”; isn’t it a water softener?

A: Well, technically the answer is both ‘yes’, and ‘no’. It’s very difficult to try to compare little residential water softeners, to a complete all-in-one commercial water processor, but in a nutshell, the difference is simple; softeners just soften the water using an ionic exchange process. And that’s it. The difficulties arise when people are unaware that when you artificially soften water, you change its character from hard and scaly, to a highly acidic, corrosive water. That’s why with softeners you can see where the water has peeled the decorative chrome, gold or brass plating on faucets and fixtures.

What our Ultimate Water Processor does is pretty amazing, and very convenient. It softens your water–and then neutralizes the acid by running it through our special filter beds, but that’s not where we leave your water; next, we run it through a clarifying bed; and then through a fine filtering bed before it goes into your plumbing.

To attempt to duplicate what our system does with one attractive unit; it has taken as many as six units lined up in people’s garages; at an average cost of around $16,000.00. One of the things that we notice when we replace these kinds of Rube Goldberg ‘systems’ is an extraordinary increase in the water pressure inside our customer’s homes.

Empirico completely processes your water, that’s why we wouldn’t call it a ‘softener’.

Q: What makes Empirico’s In-House products so different from all the others?

A: This is a great question that could be answered with just three words; quality, capacities, and experience. Our systems are built with the very highest quality materials in the industry. These materials also happen to be the most expensive. The space age materials that we use do not stretch like the ordinary plastic parts, which allow water to pass around the filters, as in the average systems. This is important because if the untreated water is allowed to come into your home, you’re right back where you started. Our service people remind us that the average life of an average softener or reverse osmosis unit is only about three years. We have very satisfied customers dating back to our origins in 1980, and their systems are still working for them.  The proof is in the results.

In terms of capacities, we have deliberately overbuilt all of our systems, to ensure that no matter how bad the municipal water gets, your water will still run clean. Municipal water supplies are being reused so often that virtually all of them are getting worse and worse. Our customers can relax in the confidence that their system can handle whatever comes along.

Our water processor for instance; in just one of its several functions; softening the water (because there is no other system that compares with all of its functions). It can easily handle 56,000 grains of hardness–whereas the largest softeners are confined to just 24,000 to 48,000 grains. This ensures that you will not have to suffer the consequences if your system has been over-capacitated between its cleaning regenerations.

What many of our customers enjoy the most is its simplicity, and not having multiple treatment systems all lined up, and risking leaks, and constant servicing. But also important is saving valuable space in the garage or washroom. In general, The Ultimate Processor replaces as many as six different units; that still won’t get the quality of our water.

The meter determines when the unit needs to clean itself based on actual usage, instead of being on a timer system. What we’ve found is that regular softener units just keep cleaning themselves, even if you haven’t used any water. This can double your costs of operation.  

The Ultimate Water Processor counts the gallons of water used, and only cleans itself when necessary. Many softener owners don’t realize how much this actually saves them in out-of-pocket costs.

Empirico Water systems  proudly, and unequivocally builds the, highest quality Water Processor available,  and the least expensive to run.  That’s why we only offer one system for residential customers. We don’t play games when it comes to water treatment, and we don’t build ‘step-down’ systems to meet anyone’s budget.

Q: Are there any other benefits to come from having clean water?

A: There are a whole host of benefits that come of having clean water in your home, and once you experience them you won’t be able to go back to the raw hard municipal water.

Having clean water and peace of mind spoils you in a lot of ways beyond having nice, soft skin from bathing; clean, soft clothes; clean dishes without water residue on them; and,  better-tasting foods cooked in clean water. So, we hope you will look around our website where we will show you the benefits that you probably haven’t even thought of yet.

Most people know that it’ll make your skin nice and soft by opening your skin pores and allowing your natural skin oils to come to the surface; and they know that you use approximately 1/3 the amount of detergent to wash your clothes;  and their dishes are almost spot-free; they also notice that the toilet rings all-but disappear as your clean water cleans the inside of your plumbing pipes.