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NEW!   Empirico's Filter Service Subscription

We offer our annual subscription service as a benefit for our customers.  Not only does it save our customers a lot of money on service calls and filter changes, but on membranes, as well.  And, you'll know you are getting the right replacement filters, and membrane* for your MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis unit.  It is critical to the optimal operation of your system to use the right filters, and membrane.

Let us keep track of your service requirements; it's one less thing in life you'll have to keep track of.  We'll send you an e-mail ahead of time to let you know your new filters are on their way.

There are a lot of really cheaply-made knock-off filters on the market, and it would be nice if they could be used in any system; but it is a mistake, because on the microscopic level, the cheap filters literally fall apart, and those pieces go directly into the membrane...and clog it up.  This builds excessive pressure that stretches the plastic canisters used in those systems that aren't worth buying.  This allows the water to run around the membrane, instead of through it.  Ours don't do that.

With our annual filter subscription, we will send you the filters you will need to change annually, and a new membrane whenever you need one, at no extra cost. (*1 membrane and/or alkaline filter every 2 years max.).  You'll be able to test your water's quality at any time, so you will know you've got the best water there is.

Our standards are so high that we're only looking for a 90% rejection rate from our membranes.  If it should drop below that number, just send us an e-mail, and we'll get a brand new membrane right out to you.  It's included in your subscription.

Here's what you get with your subscription:

  1. 3 new gaskets for your canisters, so, you'll always get a snug, leak-free fit.  This prevents the number one reason for leaks.
  2. 1, 5-micron Sediment pre-filter to grab the really big stuff in your water.
  3. 2, block carbon pre-filters, to take the smaller things out of your water.
  4. 1, in-line refining filter, to always keep your water tasting fresh and pure.
  5. 1 packet of sanitizing powder to rinse and sanitize your filter canisters.
  6. 1, our special canister release wrench to make filter replacement a snap.
  7. 1 new replacement membrane every 2 years (*if your original membrane should fall below our 90% rejection threshold.)

We also include some BONUS' for you on your first filter change date:

Bonus #1:  

A handy, easy-to-read, professional TDS* (*Total Dissolved Solids) meter, so you can test your water whenever you want to. 

We'll also include our special filter canister release wrench, for easy removal of your filter canisters.

You'll also get complete instructions for everything regarding your MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis unit., and access to our proprietary instruction videos, and our direct contact information to answer any questions you may have, on the spot.  We won't leave our customers hanging.

Bonus #2:

Our WaterDrop Newsletter, it comes out 4 times/year.  We'll keep you up on what's happening with our water supplies around the U.S., and where you have to be careful.  We'll also have some testimonials from other happy Empirico Water Systems customers; some facts about our water supplies; and some tid-bits of information about water you can impress your friends with.