Empirico's Complete System Bundle with Alkaline

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This system is for those folks who want alkaline drinking water along with clean water for their own home.  This is the same Ultimate Water Treatment System we build, including our 'whole house' Ultimate Water Processor, but with a twist.

For some time we've heard of the benefits of drinking alkaline-water, and we've had too many requests to count.  We don't know; we're not doctors; but, we listened to our customers and included an in-line alkaline final filter with our incredible Ultra-Micron Reverse Osmosis unit.  There's no extra charge with our complete, 2-unit system. 

To learn more about each particular component of this 2-component system; please see the individual descriptions of the Ultimate Water Processor here:

Empirico's Ultimate Water Processor

 and, our MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis unit with Alkaline here:

Empirico's MicroCleanV Reverse Osmosis Unit with Alkaline.

We put them together to make sure you and your family won't have to worry about the quality of your water, again.  Once you have experienced clean water, you will never want to go back to city water, because you will know and feel the incredible difference that clean, healthy water makes in your everyday living.

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