Our Philosophy

We're all old-school 'WaterDogs'; and with over a hundred years of experience in the water treatment business between us; we've pretty much seen it all.  At least 60% of our business is replacing one of the cheap 'brand name', and knock-off systems people buy because of misleading advertisements.  One 'salt-free' system advertisement only 'implies' that they can produce clean water--but physics makes it clear the 'insinuated' claim is not true..

Empirico has been approached by virtually every other system on the market to carry their brands (and some have even attempted to bribe us), but our whole purpose is to help people get clean and soft water in their homes.  That's why we make sure our systems are better than their claims!  When we are approached to sell another system we simply tell them we will hook their system up, and then then test the water that comes out of our test facility faucets.  If there was anything that can do a better job--we'd already be selling it.  We think that makes sense.

Of the 200-300 times we've been asked; when they found out that we're more interested in doing good business than selling a step-down unit; and that we really do put their systems to the test; most of the companies just disappear.  We never hear from them again.

Of the 38 companies that did provide us a system; not even one compares to our product water.  We know we're the best, and we are really excited to bring our commercial units to the public, and at around the same price as the little softeners on the residential market today.  We hope you will consider giving your family our system, and the good clean water that comes with it.

Our philosophy is clear, "Better overkill; than underkill"--our only concern is that you wind up with clean, healthy water for your family.

**See how we got our pricing down to less than half our regular prices by going on line here: https://empiricowatersystems.com/pages/empirico-pricing