Q: How does Empirico Water systems' shipping work?

There are 2 answers to that question because it's a little different;
Empirico Water Systems builds its own water treatment systems (*The Ultimate Processor and the Ultra-Micron Reverse Osmosis Unit).  These systems are all built-to-order in our 2 Phoenix, Arizona Area Factories.

Immediately upon approval of the Order these systems are built within hours, and will usually ship to the purchaser within 48 hours.  Most of our customers receive their systems, at their homes, in 5-7 days of their Order.

The second answer is in regard to the unique products we offer at huge discounts; usually before they are on the public market.  Empirico Water Systems works with it's 'sister' company; Empirico International Trading Company, and deals with global merchants as well as with hands-on artisans; in order to provide you with the best prices and the most awesome products that have to have 'something' to do with the many uses of water. This means that your order may be shipped from all anywhere in the world.

Our warehouses in Windermere, Florida usually fulfill Internet Orders, but because we sometimes ship directly from our foreign partners' manufacturing facilities, some Orders may take 1-3 weeks for delivery, depending on the mail/shipping systems. So, if your order takes a little longer, please remember that our great products and prices are worth the wait. Different items in the same Order may come from different places.

We do track our deliveries; and provide a tracking number for every Order..