Returns and Refund Policies

On the products Empirico manufacturers, we offer a Manufacturer's Factory Warranty--not just a guarantee from a distributor franchise who might be gone tomorrow.  This is substantial equipment, and shipping them creates an expense. 

Our customers can return their units (*unused and in the same condition/packaging as they were received.), but the cost of shipping is on them--for 30 days from order.  Subject to 15% re-stocking charge.  We've never had a (*legitimate) return request for our systems.

For a short time while Empirico Water Systems was still on our original Internet platform; we did pay all shipping costs; but competitors would order, and then cancel the order after shipment, to force us to pay to ship our equipment around the continent, and it was all to tie up our funds, and force us to raise our prices.

It became a question of whether our objective was to deliver to our customers the very best complete home water treatment system at the lowest possible price (*50% off retail price); or did we want to punish all of our great customers by raising our prices to absorb those costs.  When the Board voted; it was quick, and unanimous.  Empirico has built its reputation for providing real value to our customers since 1980, and we're not about to lose sight of our objective.  That's why we chose to keep our prices low, and handle any returns we might get on an individual basis.  Rest assured;  If you need to return something, we mean it when we say, "No Hassles" 

The media beds inside our Ultimate Processors, and the filters in the Ultra-Microm unit, absorb/retain water making them weigh 200-250 lbs., therefore, to return a system, it must not have been connected to a water supply.

Please don't order if you don't want your family to enjoy the benefits of good clean water--and the peace of mind that comes with them.

On our Emporium products, we've extended our Customer Satisfaction return period to 60 days.  The customer pays for shipping and a 15% re-stocking fee.

Any returns should be marked with the Return number for proper crediting, and sent to : P.O. Box 6011, Glendale, Arizona. 85312