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Can I Just Turn My Phone Off To Prevent Hacking and Tracking?

Turning your phone off will not Protect your smartphone.

In most cases the Invisabag™ Faraday bag is not used for long-term storage. It is used for short-term desires to protect your privacy. If you are a media investigator, political activist, business person, being stalked, or just don’t want anyone to know you were at an AA, or NA meeting, health clinic, church, political rally, dispensary, divorce lawyer, or at your favorite Pub.

Will Airplane Mode Protect My Smartphone?

Thinking airplane mode will protect your privacy is a mistake. Airplane mode only prevents your phone from transmitting many signals–not receiving tracking signals. In airplane mode, your location history is still recorded by your phone and transmitted later when you take it out of airplane mode.

The Invisabag™ Faraday bag prevents this by blocking incoming GPS and Cell signals used by your phone to record your location. With nothing being recorded, there is nothing to later share or transmit as far as your location goes.

We’re privacy fanatics. That’s why we built the Invisabag™. We believe each individual should choose for themselves what information they want to share. We thought the simplest solution to the complex challenges taking our privacy away would be the best. No gadgets, apps or anything else. You just shut all the prying eyes out altogether, whenever, wherever you choose.

It doesn’t get any easier than taking your phone in and out of a bag. People leave them in the glove box of their car, hand bag or laptop case for when they want to use them.

Can My Cell Phone Be Tracked When It Is Off?

Of course it can. Most people don’t know that the Baseband is the subsystem in smartphones that operates the radio transmitter & receiver in your smartphone. This Baseband is separately controlled by its own secret operating system. The Baseband has its own battery power making it possible to locate a smartphone, even when it is off.

Will Invisabag™ Block COVID-19 Contact Tracing Apps?

Yes, the Invisabag™ Faraday bag will block All contact tracing apps. Invisabag™ blocks all incoming and outgoing Bluetooth signals, as well as Cell, GPS and WiFi.

Does Turning Location Services Off Protect Me From Cell Phone Location Tracking?
Regardless of location service settings, your phone is constantly connecting to cell towers and your location recorded by your carrier.

Will Airplane Mode Protect Me From Location Tracking?

No, airplane mode will not protect you from location tracking. Setting your phone to airplane mode only prevents your phone from transmitting, not receiving. Your location history is still recorded by your phone and transmitted later when you reconnect. blocking incoming GPS, Cell, Wifi and Bluetooth signals used by your phone to record your location. With nothing being recorded, there is nothing to later share or transmit.

Will My Invisabag™ Drain My Cell Phone Battery?

Because of advanced shielding materials, if your phone is less than 3 years old it shouldn’t affect it. Older phones may drain slightly while in your Invisabag™. We recommend shutting older phones off if there is concern; or wrapping your phone in a paper towel before putting it in the Invisabag™. The old smartphones would automatically keep trying to find a connection; that’s what drained the batteries. None of our test users or customers have reported any noticeable Inconvenience. Our tests have shown a very minor average loss of 4% or less/24 hours.

Will My Phone Still Ring In My Invisabag™?

No, your phone should not ring while it’s in the bag. We encourage our happy customers to call their smartphone to make sure it rings. Hang up, and then slip your smartphone into your new Invisabag™, and then call your smartphone. You’ll see. The bag was designed first and foremost to protect your privacy from hackers, but it also eliminates location tracking. We have found knock-offs that do not block the full spectrum.

What happens to Calls, or Texts, while My Phone Is In My Invisabag™?

Fear not. When the network can’t find you, your voicemails and texts are saved for when you take your smartphone is taken out of your Invisabag™, and your network finds it.

Will my Invisabag™ protect me from portable RFID credit card scanners?

Yes. To scan your credit cards, the scammer needs to connect to the RFID information on your cards. Invisabag™ puts an end to the threat altogether.  It's also good for keeping your credit cards safe from hackers with portable RFID signal scanners.

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