Empirico Water Systems FAQ


Q: How can you sell top-quality water treatment systems at moderate-to-low system prices?

A: This is probably the most frequent question we are asked, and the answer is actually quite simple. The whole point of Empirico Water Systems is to offer only the very best equipment available to the public. Having been in the water treatment industry since 1980; our principles have had the opportunity to see, touch, and feel virtually every single system available today. We were not happy with the usual water softener salesman attitude of “Just get the deal, any deal”; they offer something based on price, not on functionality or performance.  So, we are not about to offer you the standard residential systems which are all too often too small to actually give the homeowner a real benefit. And we are not about to put a system out there that is going to require excessive service, maintenance repair, and replacement.  We have systems still running strong since 1980, and only rarely do they require anything beyond resetting the clock when there’s been a power outage.

We took the very best parts of the better systems—and made them better still by combining all the best components the industry has to offer. Our sole focus has always been on ‘what comes out of our customer’s faucets’, so, Once we built “the Ultimate system” that does the job; regardless of where you may live in the United States; we are committed to providing you with top quality water filtration for your home.

Our online presence now allows us to offer you the very best of the best system at a moderate-to-low price. We save all of the usual overhead and employees, installation trucks, truck insurance, maintenance, fuel, bookkeeping, and complying with all regulations involved in a brick and mortar store. That’s a lot of what people pay for when they buy an upper-end system. We also save money on installation, which can be a substantial part of your sales price from the old softener salesman; and we pass virtually all of the savings directly on to you, the consumer.

It is not difficult to install our systems at all, we give you clear and complete video instructions; and we are standing by to walk you do it, on the phone, or via e-mail. We actually want to put the benefits of having clean water within reach of everyone. That’s our mission.

Q: Why do you subtract the installation charge from your full-system on the Internet?

A: The reason is that the systems we sell over the Internet are shipped all over the continent, and we cannot get there to install them. So, we felt that since; if our customers are even a little bit handy, they can do the installation themselves (Simple, complete installation instructions are included with each unit).  Our customers “pay” themselves by saving even more money. Of course, the customer is also free to have the system installed by a local plumber, if they choose to.

Q: Why do you call it a water “processor”, isn’t it a water softener?

A: Well, technically the answer is both ‘yes’, and ‘no’. It’s very difficult to try to compare little residential water softeners, to a complete all-in-one commercial water processor, but in a nutshell, the difference is simple; softeners just soften the water using an ionic exchange process. And that’s it. The difficulties arise when people are unaware that when you artificially soften water, you change its character from hard and scaly, to a highly acidic, corrosive water. That’s why with softeners you can see where the water has peeled the decorative chrome, gold or brass plating on faucets and fixtures.

What our processing system does is pretty amazing, and very convenient. It softens your water–and then neutralizes the acid by running it through our special filter beds, but that’s not where we leave your water; next, we run it through a clarifying bed; and then through a fine filtering bed before it goes into your plumbing.

To attempt to duplicate what our system does with one attractive unit; it has taken as many as six units lined up in people’s garages; at an average cost of around $16,000.00. One of the things that we notice when we replace these kinds of Rube Goldberg ‘systems’ is an extraordinary increase in the water pressure inside our customer’s homes.

Empirico completely processes your water, that’s why we wouldn’t call it a ‘softener’.

Q: Why do I need two different units to clean my water?

A: The reason ‘why’ is one of supply and demand. All of the water that comes inside your home; both hot and cold, is cleaned and softened by the Ultimate processor. It takes out the very large particulate in the municipal water, so that you don’t have excessive scaling on your fixtures, and so that you have clean water to drink, bathe, and wash clothes and dishes in.

At your sink, you will also have our incredible ultra-micron filtration, 5-stage reverse osmosis unit. It takes the processed water and cleans it to a ridiculous sub-micron level. The reverse osmosis unit can produce up to 32 gallons per day (@ 40 pounds of incoming pressure). That’s not enough for general use from all of the faucets. What many people only figure out after they’ve wasted money on the cheap softeners, is that the scale and buildup in their plumbing from the municipal water, will re-contaminate the water to some degree.

 Our commercial reverse osmosis unit is used to take the very, very, fine particulates and contaminants from the water, and would not be practical for a whole-house application.  That’s why we use it for drinking, cleaning, cooking, ice cubes, plants and even fish tanks.  Fish appreciate clean water.

Q: How long can I expect my Empirico system to work?

A: These systems are designed to stay working for a lifetime. That’s why they come with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s. You don’t want one from a dealer who may well be out-of-business shortly after you buy from them.  Since we are primarily a service company, we designed our systems to last. As an example, the system in our headquarters was installed in 1980 and is still going strong; as are virtually all of these systems from that same time.

Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?

A: Too many customers have been disappointed because their warranty was provided by a dealer, instead of from the manufacturer directly. We are proud to offer a direct manufacturer’s limited lifetime guarantee, on all of our in-house products. At Empirico, the customer always comes first.

Our Global Emporium products come with a full 30-day guarantee.

Q: What about returns?

A: To be able to offer extraordinary value that is not normally available to the consumer, Empirico operates on a very thin profit margin; so while we will offer free shipping to the customer; if they wish to return a product for any reason other than a manufacturing defect (which we have never had to deal with), we require that the customer be responsible for all shipping, and a 15% re-stocking charge. It should be noted, that since our beginnings in 1980, dealing with well over 50,000 customers, this has never happened. We don’t expect it to happen in the future either. To make a return click here.

Our Global Emporium products all have a full 30-day return/refund policy.

Q: What makes Empirico’s In-House products so different from all the others?

A: This is a great question that could be answered with just two words; quality, and capacities. Our systems are built with the very highest quality materials in the industry. They also happen to be the most expensive. The space age materials that we use do not stretch like the ordinary plastic canisters, which allow water to pass around the filters, as in the average systems. This is important because if the untreated water is allowed to come into your home, you’re right back where you started. Our service people remind us that the average life of an average softener or reverse osmosis unit is only about three years. We have customers dating back to our origins in 1980. The proof is in the results.

In terms of capacities, we have deliberately overbuilt all of our systems, to ensure that no matter how bad the water gets your water will still run clean. Our water supplies are being reused so often that virtually all municipal water supplies are getting worse and worse. Our customers can relax in the confidence that their system can handle whatever comes along.

Our water processor for instance; in just one of its several functions; softening the water (because there is no other system that compares with all of its functions). It can easily handle 56,000 grains of hardness–whereas the largest softeners are confined to just 48,000 grains. This ensures that you will not have to suffer the consequences if your system has been over-capacitated between its cleaning regenerations.

What many of our customers enjoy the most is not having to have multiple treatment systems all lined up, and risking leaks. But equally important is saving valuable space in the garage or washroom. In general, The Ultimate Processor replaces as many as six different units, and they still won’t get the quality of water produced. Our Ultimate processor not only softens the water but refines, clarifies, sediment filters and acid neutralizes your water–all in one convenient unit. And it saves on salt (or potassium chloride; it runs on either) with its innovative metered valve. The meter determines when the unit needs to clean itself based on actual usage, instead of being on a timer. What we’ve found is that regular softener systems just keep cleaning themselves, even if you haven’t used any water. The Ultimate Processor counts the gallons of water used, and only cleans itself when necessary. Many softener owners don’t realize how much this actually saves them in out-of-pocket costs.

The Ultra-Micron Reverse Osmosis unit similarly has a pressure activated shut-off mechanism that turns it off when your storage tank is full. The average reverse osmosis unit will just keep throwing excess water down your drain, and you might be surprised at what kind of a cost difference this can make to your water bill.

Empirico proudly, and unequivocally builds the least expensive to run, highest quality and highest capacity system available. That’s why we only offer one system for residential customers. We don’t play games when it comes to water treatment, and we don’t build ‘step-down’ systems to meet a budget.

Q: Are there any other benefits to come from having clean water?

A: There are a whole host of benefits that come of having clean water in your home, and once you experience them you won’t be able to go back to the raw hard municipal water. Having clean water and peace of mind spoils you in a lot of ways beyond having nice, soft skin from bathing; clean, soft clothes; clean dishes without water residue on them; and,  better-tasting foods cooked in clean water. So, we hope you will look around our website where we will show you the benefits that you probably haven’t even thought of yet. Most people know that it’ll make your skin nice and soft by opening your skin pores and allowing your natural skin oils to come to the surface; and they know that you use approximately 1/3 the amount of detergent to wash your clothes;  and their dishes are almost spot-free; they also notice that the toilet rings all-but disappear as your clean water cleans the inside of your plumbing pipes.

Q: Just how difficult are these very expensive installations?

A: Interestingly enough, there is nothing complicated, and there’s no real experience needed for an average person to do every bit as good a job as a professional installer. So, if you are even a tiny bit handy, you are already qualified to install your own system. We provide detailed video instructions to every one of our customers; along with full, over-the-phone assistance, should you require it. The only thing that the customer may not be familiar with is soldering pipes, but we hope to assure you there are only four individual connections that will need soldering, not a big deal at all. You also have the option of hiring a local plumber to install it for you. The usual charge should be around $100.00 from a handy man, and should take about 30-45 minutes to install the Ultimate Processor; and about the same for the Ultra-Micron Reverse Osmosis unit.

To install the whole house Ultimate Processor; the first step is to locate your water main. That’s where all of the water comes into your home. It is usually out front of the home, where you would shut off the water. All you need to do is tap into it; run that line to the Ultimate Water Processor, and then back again to reconnect with the main line. Many times, in newer homes, the builders will automatically put in what is called a softening ‘loop’. You may have one already. A ‘loop’ is usually put in in the washroom, or in the garage. It is usually a three-quarter-inch copper line that comes out of the wall about 6 inches and then goes right back into the wall. If you do have one of these, it makes installation very easy.

To install a reverse osmosis drinking system, it’s just a matter of drilling a quarter inch hole in your drain line; and a 5/8 inch hole in your sink skirt (where your regular faucet is mounted) for mounting your new 3rd faucet for your Reverse Osmosis drinking water. (*Usually, the customer also hooks a split line up to their refrigerator ice maker, too). The in-line conveniently screws into the fitting for your regular cold water line. That’s about all there is to it.

The average time to install a complete Victory system is actually pretty short. An average handyman should be able to complete the installation within 2 hours. After that, you’ll be enjoying the benefits of good clean water in your home for the rest of your life.

Q: Is there service required for my new system?

A: Yes, but generally it is limited to simply adding salt so the processor can clean itself, and changing the three pre-filters, and the top, toxic contaminant removal filter (TCR) once a year, if you have a processor in front of it.  If you have just The Ultra-Micron Reverse Osmosis unit  without the processor in front of it; we recommend that you change the filters every six months. The RO systems we sell are specifically designed and outfitted with easy-to-use John Guess connectors, to make filter changes a snap.

Q: How do I get service?

A: You can always call a local plumber to put in our filters, but the process is very simple and the homeowner is generally encouraged to change the filters themselves. And it saves the homeowner an average of $168 per service visit from a local plumber (locally, we charge only $109.00). You can hire a local plumber, but do not let them put in the little standard filters. We found that the filters that are readily available to consumers are usually cheaply made and often fall apart within the system. The pieces from cheap filters are responsible for destroying the membrane in the system. The membrane is where the serious work of cleaning water for drinking is done. With the exception of the post TCR filter, the pre-filters are intended to protect the membrane so that it can work to its full capacity.

Q: How much do the filters cost?

A: Because we are cutting out the expenses of a service call; we can automatically send you the filters every 6 or 12 months. On your first filter order, we include; the special tool needed to remove the canisters, and a professional TDS meter (valued at over $60.00); all for just our regular (Internet) price of $79! We’re happy to take the loss on your first set of filters, so that you can test your water quality anytime you want. We are confident that you will be so pleased that you will stay with us for life—and tell your friends!

Q: How long does it take for me to get my system if I live in a rural community?

A: Of course we cannot guarantee UPS’ performance and delivery; but we have never had a problem. Our systems are generally delivered to the customer in 3 to 5 days from the shipping date. The shipping date is usually within 48 hours of the customer placing the order, or in the case of a check, when the funds are available.

Q: What are Empirico’s privacy of information policies?

A: Empirico is dedicated to protecting the privacy of our customers and their information. All databases are kept off-line to prevent any sort of hacking and are only used for our communication with our customers. We do not sell our lists to anyone; neither will we turn over any information to any outside organization whatsoever.

Q: What payment methods does Empirico accept?

A: Empirico is proud to accept virtually all forms of payment: checks, credit cards, bank transfers, online pay processors, including PayPal; and we accept BitCoin & Dash Coin. We want to make it easy, and hassle-free to get your family clean water.

Q: What if I move, and cannot take my Ultimate System with me; can I get another one?

A: We’ve designed our system to be uninstalled fairly easily, and encourage our customers to take their systems with them; but we do understand. People in the know, already know Empirico Water Systems are the best built, so, the number of times we’ve received calls from panicked customers whose home sale was made contingent on the Ultimate System being left behind is staggering.  Recently, one of our professional sports team members was very close to refusing his buyer’s demands to leave the system for them,…on a $1.2 M home!

But fear not, because if this happens to you; Empirico “AUTOMATICALLY” gives a 20% discount (*from our usual 50% of retail, price) on your 2nd System!  We value our customers, and want to do the very best we can for them.

Q: What about the products you carry that are not made by Empirico?