Empirico Pricing

At Empirico, we strive to bring our customers the best products, at the very best price possible.

For our own systems, (*the Empirico Ultimate Water Treatment System and Reverse Osmosis Units) we have cut the costs incredibly...(*Read the Empirico Story here: ); well over 55%!

When Empirico Water Sytems decided to offer its services on the Internet, we did a very thorough audit of our costs in our brick and mortar facilities.  We scrutinized 'everything'.  Even we were shocked to find that all of the insurances; bonds; Fees; permits; trucks; truck maintenance; truck insurances; fuel; electricity; tools; installer pay; uniforms; work clothes; and a host of other 'overhead' costs we had never given a second thought--accounted for OVER 40% of our retail receipts!  It was a real eye-opener!

By simply eliminating the cost of maintaining installation facilities and a lot of extra personnel; we were able to pass those outstanding savings directly to our on-line customers; and that is how we can sell the "Rolls Royce" of water treatment systems; for the price of a Volkswagen.

But, there's more;

Our customers are always asking us to add a variety of additional quality products, so for the first time, we are offering several water-related products sourced through our sister company, Empirico International Trading Company.  We asked our global buyers to show us any kind of quality products that have anything to do with water;.  We hope you'll enjoy the ones we include.

We thought it would be fun to include hard-to-find; or not otherwise available products that are useful, and make our everyday lives a little easier; a little better.

The products we include in our 'Emporium' are the best; and our buyers only deal directly with the manufacturers, and then, only when they have some great deals.  You'll see many of these same exact products with a brand-name silk-screened on them, on TV.  We don't use their names, so, for instance; a really popular headset for listening to music sells for $349.00.  That exact same headset (*without the big brand name) sells for less than $30.00.  That's how our prices on these items can usually save our customers 50-60%.

If you can find (*what look like) our products for less; they are probably knock-offs not built by the original product's same manufacturer. 

We want you to come back; and to encourage your friends to shop with us,  too, so we want your Empirico experiences to be good ones.  And  we know that to do that, we have to bring you value.  We want to save all of our customers time, trouble and disappointment.

We hope one-day we can make our 'Grand Re-Opening' (*On the Internet) "special" Permanent; and we need happy customers to do that. 

Right now; During our GRAND RE-OPENING CELEBRATION; Empirico will pay the taxes and shipping for you, on all purchases--and that's in addition to our product pricing where we try to save you at least 50% savings!   

So, come join the Empirico family!