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InvisaBag Story

Invisabag™ was an idea borne of frustration. It was unusual for Barry Hess to bring his phone into the bedroom, but in April of 2017 he was awakened by the sudden light from on his nightstand. He picked up his phone to see the Android character informing him that a ‘factory reset’ was in progress. That wipes out everything on your phone. He pulled the back off to remove the battery, but his battery was not removable. All he could do was watch all of his apps, photos, texts, everything go away.


Invisabag Faraday bag

Just minutes after the reset, he received a text that said simply, “I am hacker, send me 1 BitCoin and I will put your information back, and show you how to prevent being hacked in the future.” He was stunned, and not even considering giving in to the thief, but couldn’t resist telling the hacker that he had wiped out his crypto apps, so he had no access.

It was a hassle. The hacker(s) came in through his Verizon smartphone—and from there, they got into, and changed all the profile information on his JustHost , GoDaddy, G-Mail, Amazon, and almost all of his online accounts–even his bank accounts!

This happened 9 times in a 60-day period. Barry was on the phone with Verizon’s head of security every time, but they could not stop the hackers!

He realized that if it was going to stop, he’d have to stop it. After re-securing all of his accounts, closing his on-line Verizon account, and demanding a new phone (*which he did get), he checked with a variety of programmers, and experts on smartphone software, and was surprised to find that if he had been able to cut off his phone’s signals or reception, he could have stopped the original reset in its tracks.

So, he built a Faraday cage to put his phone in at night, but it was not portable. He kept working on it, and finally had a metallic cloth that had the right characteristics, After a lot of practical testing, he drew up the specifications, found a manufacturing facility, and here it is!

We knew we had a great idea because it wasn’t long before the ‘knock-offs’ came onto the market. We’ve tested the knock-offs, and though they will charge $69.99-$180.00, (*A LOT more than the original Invisabag™) they didn’t stand up to the Invisabag™.

Hess designed his Invisabag™ to stop remote hackers, but found his incredible bag did far more than just stop hackers; it stops everybody from getting into your phone, tracking it, or stealing credit card information if you put them inside the bag as well.

We are proud to market the Invisabag™ through Empirico™, our parent company. Bringing great, useful products to the marketplace since 1980.
We know you will enjoy having the power to decide when and where your phone is exposed, and why your neighbors are next in line.

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