Empirico “Water Warrior” 4 Function Commercial Processor.

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The “Water Warrior” is our whole-house commercial water processor, but don’t confuse it with the old-time softeners—it’s far more than that. This unit provides clean, soft water for your whole home.

When water is artificially softened; it takes the water from a high alkaline state (a scalant where suspended materials build up in your pipes, dishes, and appliances) to a high acid state (corrodes the pipes and appliances). That’s where most softeners leave it—but not the “Water Warrior”; it also mechanically filters; refines; re-filters for taste and odor; and acid neutralize your water; so it is neither a corrosive, nor a scalant. It would take as many as 6 other units; all lined up, one after the other; in order to produce the quality of water we produce. It’s not purified water, but it’s as close as you can get to it in a whole-house application.



Our Commercial Water Processor unit

Mechanical Control Valve Features: (SEE FULL SPEC SHEET CLICK HERE!)

• Simple mechanical design is easy to use.

• Two valve body designs: one for downflow regeneration and one for up-flow (covers every valve in the 5600 family – quick access to all internal components).

• Injector/drain modules containing the brine valve, flow controls, and injector are removable from the valve’s exterior.

• Ruggedly built timer is designed with heavy-duty 3/8″ wide gears.

• 5600 controls are user-friendly.

• Non-corrosive, UV-resistant, fiber-reinforced polymer valve body.

• Economical – small annual power consumption; keeps the time and activates the piston/valve mechanics with a single motor.

• Designed with double backwash.

The “Water Warrior” Includes:

Fleck 5600 Mechanical Control Valve / Stainless Steel Media Tank (64 Inches Tall, 11 Inches Wide)

Brine Tank (41 Inches Tall, 18 Inches Wide)

Owner’s Manual

Installation Parts – 4 threaded male nipples for flex-pipe; all fittings necessary to install the unit (Flex-pipe is NOT included because lengths vary. They are available at any hardware store. Flex-pipe is the reticulated pipe you see connecting water heaters to the plumbing.)

Additional information


Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?

A: Too many customers have been disappointed because their warranty was provided by a dealer, instead of from the manufacturer directly. We are proud to offer a direct manufacturers limited lifetime guarantee, on all of our products. At Empirico, the customer always comes first.


Q: What about returns?

A: Empirico operates on a very thin profit margin; so while we will offer free shipping to the customer, if they wish to return a product for any reason other than a manufacturing defect (which we have never had to deal with), we require that the customer be responsible for all shipping, and a 15% re-stocking charge. It should be noted, that since our beginnings in 1980, dealing with well over 5000 customers, this has never happened. We don't expect it to happen in the future either.

DIY Installation

Q: Just how difficult are these very expensive installations?

A: Interestingly enough, there is nothing complicated, and there's no real experience needed to do every bit as good a job as a professional installer. So, if you are even a tiny bit handy, you are already qualified to install your own system. We provide detailed video instructions to every one of our customers; along with full, over-the-phone assistance, should you require it. The only thing that the customer may not be familiar with is soldering pipes, but we hope to assure you there are only four individual connections that will need soldering, not a big deal at all. You also have the option of hiring a local plumber to install it for you.

To install the “Water Warrior” whole house processor; the first step is to locate your water main. That's where all of the water comes into your home. It is usually out front of the home where you would shut off the water. All you need to do is tap into it, run that line to the water processor, and then back again to reconnect with the main. Many times, in newer homes, the builders will automatically put in what is called a softening ‘loop’. You may have one already. A ‘loop’ is usually put in in the washroom or in the garage. It is usually a three-quarter inch copper line that comes out of the wall about 6 inches, and then goes right back into the wall. If you do have one of these, it makes installation very easy.


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