Empirico “Liquid Legend” Reverse Osmosis System.

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The “Liquid Legend” is our unique, 8-stage, 5-filter, ultra-micron Reverse Osmosis unit. We don’t stop with just a couple of filters; we filter your water both before and after we put through our commercial grade membranes—unlike ‘residential’ units on the market. It provides you with clean, safe water for drinking and cooking, regardless of what undiscovered contamination may come into your water supply.

On average, when there is a contamination of water supplies; it is 5-years before the water customers are informed. Our systems are designed to give you piece of mind, and to ensure that outside contamination events, don’t come into your home.



Our Reverse Osmosis System

5-stage ultra-micron Reverse Osmosis Filtration Stages:

STAGE 1 – Sediment Pre-Filter – Replace Every 12 Months

STAGE 2 – Carbon Block Post-Filter – Replace Every 12 Months

STAGE 3 – Carbon Block Post-Filter – Replace Every 12 Months

STAGE 4 – RO Membrane 24 GPD – Replace Every 3-6 years

STAGE 5 – GAC Post-Filter – Replace Every 12 Months

The “Liquid Legend” Includes all necessary fittings and tubing:

Color Tubing – Housing Wrench – Tank Value – Straight Valve – Feed Valve – Flow Restrictor – Drain Saddle – Auto ShutOff Valve –Separate “3rd” faucet for your sink– Membrane Housing – Filter Housings – 3.5 Gallon Storage Tank – Faucet – Commercial Grade System, and Filters

Additional information


Q: What kind of warranty do you offer?

A: Too many customers have been disappointed because their warranty was provided by a dealer, instead of from the manufacturer directly. We are proud to offer a direct manufacturers limited lifetime guarantee, on all of our products. At Empirico, the customer always comes first.


Q: How long does shipping take?

A: of course we cannot guarantee UPS’ performance and delivery; but we have never had a problem. Our systems are generally delivered to the customer in 3 to 5 days from the shipping date. The shipping date is usually within 48 hours of the customer placing the order, or in the case of a check, when the funds are available.


Q: What about returns?

A: Empirico operates on a very thin profit margin; so while we will offer free shipping to the customer, if they wish to return a product for any reason other than a manufacturing defect (which we have never had to deal with), we require that the customer be responsible for all shipping, and a 15% re-stocking charge. It should be noted, that since our beginnings in 1980, dealing with well over 5000 customers, this has never happened. We don't expect it to happen in the future either.

DIY Installation

Q: Just how difficult are these very expensive installations?

A: Interestingly enough, there is nothing complicated, and there's no real experience needed to do every bit as good a job as a professional installer. So, if you are even a tiny bit handy, you are already qualified to install your own system. We provide detailed video instructions to every one of our customers; along with full, over-the-phone assistance, should you require it. The only thing that the customer may not be familiar with is soldering pipes, but we hope to assure you there are only four individual connections that will need soldering, not a big deal at all. You also have the option of hiring a local plumber to install it for you.

To install the "Liquid Legend" reverse osmosis drinking system, it's just a matter of drilling a quarter inch hole in your drain line; and a 5/8 inch hole in your sink skirt (where your regular faucet is mounted) for mounting your new 3rd faucet for your Reverse Osmosis drinking water. (*Usually, the customer also hooks a split line up to their refrigerator ice maker, too. The in-line conveniently screws into the fitting for your regular cold water line. That’s about all there is to it.


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