Empirico Products

Our products are top of the line. Once we found “the system” that does the job, no matter where you may live in the United States, we committed to it. At the same time, our online presence allows us to offer you top quality systems at a moderate-to-low price. We save all of the usual overhead and employees, installation trucks, truck insurance, maintenance, fuel, bookkeeping, and complying with all regulations involved in a brick and mortar store. That’s a lot of what people pay or when they buy an upper-end system. We also save money on installation, which can be a substantial part of your sales price from the old softener salesman. It is not difficult to install our systems at all, we give you clear and complete video instructions; and we pass virtually all of the savings directly on to you, the consumer. We actually want to put the benefits of having clean water within reach of everyone. That’s our mission.

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