Hello and Welcome, to the Empirico Water Treatment Systems site.

Proudly serving our customer’s water treatment needs Since 1986.”

If you’ve come here on purpose then we must assume that you already know why it is so vitally important to your family to ensure that their water is clean. We also assume that you already know how having clean water is not only good for you, but that it also saves an enormous amount of time, and effort (cleaning). Clean water also saves enough money to pay for itself in a very short period of time. After that, it’s ALL savings and benefits.

We must also assume that you have come here to Empirico because you know we only handle the very highest quality equipment; and that our goal is to get clean water to families at the very lowest possible price. It’s not often that you can buy a Rolls Royce for the price of a Yugo, and we’ll ship your system right to your door; without the usual delivery and installation charges. We pass these big savings directly on to you.

If our assumptions are correct–You’ve Come to the Right Place!

We offer only the very highest quality Water Treatment Systems made so we will never have to apologize for, or ‘excuse’ it. That is why we only offer one complete system, “The Victory”; and only in one size. We believe firmly that when it comes to something so serious as cleaning your water, it is far better to have “Too much capacity”, than too little.


Tied with air, water is the single most important substance we need to exist as human beings. Our bodies are 97% water, and it is essential to “rinse” our bodies on an ongoing basis, both inside and out. Dirty water can’t rinse anything clean.

Whether we rely on municipalities; or on own wells for our water; these days we have plenty of reasons to be concerned with contamination. We only hear about the big contamination events on TV, but every year there are hundreds of municipalities and aquifers that are contaminated in a variety of ways. In all too many instances, we find heavy amounts of everything from birth control hormones to highly toxic poisons in almost every municipal water supply. This is especially true; since “re-used” water became a common source to make up for increasing needs in a given community.

The buildup of these contaminants inside the pipes that bring water to your home make it impossible for municipalities to deliver clean water to the customer all the time. This is especially true considering the ever-present possibility of a major contamination event.

In many ways, providing your family with water safety and security is like an insurance policy; and of course, with your limited lifetime guarantee, we encourage you to take it along if you should move.

The good news is, there is a complete solution! We call it our “Victory”, complete ‘point-of-use’ water treatment system. It is unequivocally the safest, most secure, and least expensive alternative for the homeowner to enjoy the benefits of clean water. Our solution not only saves your plumbing and appliances from excessive corrosion or build up, and delivers good clean water for your drinking and cooking needs. It also leaves your skin soft by opening the pores to remove the same build up that occurs inside your plumbing; and leaves your dishes sparkling clean!

Q: What makes Empirico’s Systems so different from all the other Water Treatment systems?

A: This is a great question that could be answered with just two words; quality, and capacities. Our water treatment systems are built with the very highest quality materials in the industry. They also happen to be the most expensive. The space age materials that we use do not stretch like the ordinary plastic canisters that allow water to pass around the filters. This is important, because if the untreated water is allowed to come into your home, you’re right back where you started. Our service people remind us that the life of an average softener or reverse osmosis unit is only about three years. We have thousands of customers dating back to our origins in 1980. The proof is in the results.

In terms of capacities; we have deliberately overbuilt all of our systems to ensure clean water for you and your family; no matter how bad the water gets. Our water supplies are being reused so often that, in the overall, municipal water supplies are getting worse and worse. Our customers can relax in the confidence that their system can handle whatever comes along.