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We offer only the very highest quality products made. That is why we only offer one complete system, the “Victory”; and only in one size. We believe firmly that when it comes to something so serious as cleaning your water, it is far better to have “Too much capacity”, than too little.

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If you’ve come here on purpose then we must assume that you already know why it is so vitally important to your family to ensure that their water is clean; or that you already know how having clean water is not only good for you, but that it also saves an enormous amount of time, and effort (cleaning); as well as more than enough money savings to pay for itself in a very short period of time.

We must also assume That You Have Come here to Empirico for the very highest quality equipment, at the very lowest price possible; and if that is the case… You’ve Come to the Right Place!


Tied with air, water is the single most important substance we need to exist as human beings. Our bodies are 97% water, and it is essential to “rinse” our bodies on an ongoing basis, both inside and out. Dirty water can’t rinse anything clean.

Whether we rely on cities for our own wells for our water, these days we have plenty of reasons to be concerned with contamination. We only hear about the big contamination events on TV; but every year there are hundreds of municipalities and aquifers that are contaminated in a variety of ways. In all too many instances; since “re-used” water became a common source to make up for increasing needs in a given community, we find heavy amounts of everything from birth control hormones to highly toxic poisons in almost every municipal water supply.

The buildup of these contaminants inside the pipes that bring water to your home; and the unexpected events that we all know are coming; make it impossible for municipalities to deliver clean water to the customer all the time.

The good news is, there is a complete solution! We call it our “Victory”, complete ‘point-of-usewater treatment system, and it is unequivocally the safest, most secure, and least expensive alternative for the homeowner enjoy the benefits of clean water. Our solution not only saves your plumbing and appliances from excessive corrosion or build up, and delivers good clean water for your drinking and cooking needs; it also leaves your skin soft by opening the pores to remove the same build up that occurs inside your plumbing, and leaves your dishes sanitary and sparkling clean!